domain name agency

Many people will sell you a Domain Name, but we believe that a busy professional needs more than just a cheap deal. So, as part of our commitment to real service, we run a Domain Name agency that can unify, maintain and protect your professional identity in the virtual World

your own domain name

Having your own Domain Name ("") is almost essential if you want to present a professional appearance on the Internet - both in your website name ("") and in your e-mail address ("").

There are now thousands of companies selling Domain Names on the web, many of them offering extremely low prices, but there are also many pitfalls. Generally speaking, the lower the price, the lower the level of customer service, and it may be very hard to get a speedy response or effective support.

the link to your customers

A Domain Name is not just your identitifier, it is also the vital link between you and your customers. That link is maintained by a Domain Name Server, sitting somewhere on the Internet, that links your name to your Web server and your e-mail box. If anything happens to break that link - the Domain Name Server goes down, for instance - nobody will be able to find your website or send you email. You will have, effectively, disappeared.

You need to be sure that the Domain Name Server that hosts your name is reliable and that, in case of a problem, you can get a quick resolution.

one agency for all your needs

Many people now own more than one Domain Name ("" as well as "", for instance) with a number of e-mail addresses as well, so it makes sense to have just one Agency look after all your Domain Name needs, from hosting to purchasing to administration.

We can help you to bring all your Domain Names together and can advise you on all your naming queries.

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