web hosting

When considering a hosting service for your website, your main concerns will be speed and reliability. We have worked hard to ensure that our infrastructure can deliver the quality of service you seek

closely managed servers

Part of our unique service commitment to customers is that their websites are hosted on our "Closely Managed Servers". By that we mean that all our sites are hosted on our own webservers based in a secure data facility, rather than in an anonymous server farm, somewhere in the World.

"Close Management" means that our customers know that if a problem occurs on their site, from a wrong phone number to a corrupted page, they can rely on us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help them out. Smaller problems are corrected free-of-charge, larger ones are charged at our normal hourly rates.

Unlike most Web hosts, we publish our mobile number!

with good connections

Our connection to the Internet runs straight from our webservers to Telehouse in London across a 100Mb backbone, providing a reliable and fast connection on a 100% basis, 24 hours per day. From Telehouse we link up to the trans-Atlantic cables, making us fast into the USA, as well as the rest of the World.

Our servers are housed in a purpose-built, high-security machine-room with continuous CCTV coverage and full battery backup. Backups of all our hosted sites are taken each night and stored off-site. Automatic alerts warn us of any problems on our hosted sites.

and a guaranteed service level

We aim to provide a minimum of 99.9% availibility in each calendar month and offer our customers a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with financial penalties if we fall below this level.

We offer a hosting service tailored to all needs, from the smaller portfolio sites (under 10mb of space) up to larger archive sites needing1Gb or more.

- For more details, see our Price List