website creation

A website is a great way to promote your work to a World-wide audience but, like any other piece of promotion, it needs to both reflect and enhance your business. Be careful - a slow, badly presented website can do more harm than good

a place of your own

For many people the importance of the Internet is in the promotional possibilities of the World-wide web. When you have a website, it's just a few clicks away from millions of desktops, so it's extremely easy for people to view your work or products.

Include your website address on your letterheads, your e-mails, your promotional mailings and source-book entries and more people will be able to see your work than ever before.

an on-line portfolio

Wherever they are in the World, potential clients can view your work at their leisure and in a degree of anonymity - meaning they are much more likely to take a quick, non-commital peek than if they have to call you to get it sent across town or, worse, across continents.

Of course, you need to make sure that the design and execution bring out the best in your work. And images, by their nature, make for large file sizes, so the site design must take that into account or the results will be painfully slow.

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a searchable archive

A dynamic, database-driven website can make your virtual catalogue available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - but can cost many tens of thousands of pounds. Recognizing the need for an affordable solution, we have developed our own off-the-peg but highly-customisable software.

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