searchable archives

Digital technology means massive changes for image-makers, not least the competition from image libraries. As they have discovered, the web is the perfect vehicle for a searchable catalogue of images. But they have the big budgets to spend - so how can an individual creator or small archive compete?

an economical system

Our company was formed on the premise that, in a changing market-place for images, if individual creators could not compete with the large image suppliers, they would eventually be taken over by them. The web offers a perfect tool to level the playing-field.

"On the web it doesn't matter how big or how small your company is - nobody can tell - what matters is how fast you are to market" - Rupert Murdoch

We set out to make a system for creating fully-searchable image archives that would have the cost benefits of an off-the-peg solution, the look of a bespoke system and the facilities of a world-class site. Based around a proprietary software, ImageAXS, we developed a unique technology to connect the image database to a website, complete with full searching facilities, individual lightboxes, on-screen ordering, even e-commerce.

using ImageAXS

The primary cost saving in our method is that the creation and maintenance of the collection is done by the customer themselves, usually using ImageAXS. This program is probably the World's best-looking and easiest-to-use image database, running on both Mac and Windows. Images are added by simply dragging-and-dropping them into the program, and a new record is automatically created, which includes a visual reference 'thumbnail', double-clicking on the thumbnail brings up the full image.

Information about each image can be added into data fields, and then virtually unlimited numbers of user-definable keywords can be attached, as well as lengthy free text information. All the fields can be custom labelled and you can search and select across the entire collection using multiple criteria. Besides the economic advantages, we believe you have the best knowledge of your images and your market for effective keywording.

A copy of the ImageAXS collection is then placed onto our server, and your website is immediately updated, with all the information for search-boxes and on-screen information being drawn from the new database dynamically. This updating can be done as often as you like - some of our customers do it daily.

designed for your needs

If you think of a searchable website like a car, our software is the "engine" - it does not dictate the "bodywork", how the site looks. We can design a site for you from scratch, we can add our engine to your own design or we can fit it into a pre-existing site layout.

Because we developed the software, we can add features onto the basic model. We can create registration forms and/or password protection. We have the facility to clear credit cards on-line with our own Secure Server. We can provide FTP facilities for downloading purchased images. We can even produce a CD-Rom of your entire collection using the ImageAXS read-only software. Just tell us what you need.