image portfolios

A portfolio website is your showcase to the World - the public face of your business. And it's going to have a massive influence on how your visitors perceive you and your work - so why choose us to make it for you?


Download time is a major issue on the Internet - one image can take longer to download than 10,000 words. So the conventional advice to website designers has been 'keep graphics to a minimum' - a luxury not available to a site that's all about pictures!

At we have always specialised in image-based websites and all the sites we create have the benefit of our five years of experience. We are experts at optimising the trade-off between quality of image and how long it takes to download.


Conventional web-wisdom: Most people will move on if they don't see anything happening within 30 seconds. Since your work will take up so much of the available download time, the rest of the site has to be an optimised and streamlined design. We use every trick in the book, and many that aren't, so that our sites look good and move fast.

With such a short time to get your message across, it's vital that the design of your site both complements and characterises your personal style. When we work on a site we set out to develop a unique relationship with our clients and their work. Then we can use our knowledge of the industry and our own creativity to present them to their best advantage.

We're not here to win website design awards - we're here to make our clients look good on the web. There is a difference.


Your website is a combination of promotional brochure and continuing information resource. You will be hoping that clients are impressed by their first visit and not bored by their third or fourth. Just like your conventional portfolio, you need to keep it fresh - so the first version of your website should not be the last.

If your website has not been written with updating in mind, it can be an expensive and time-consuming business. We develop our sites with dynamic technology for speedy changes, and we develop partnerships with our clients so that their website can be continually and economically refreshed.

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